Fertility Consultation

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What is included:

  • An initial consultation - this is done virtually and requires both partners. It often takes 90 minutes and includes a thorough health history (including: your medical history, family history, dietary preferences, dietary review, etc.) During the appointment we can review any additional test results, if applicable.
  • Your fertility protocol - this includes an individualized treatment of 8-12 prescribed homeopathic medicines for both male and female to take at specific times of the month
  • 4 month treatment - with available support during this time



Homeopathy is based on the principle of treating each individual as a whole, recognising that imbalances in one area can impact overall health and reproductive function. As my approach embraces the holistic nature of homeopathy, taking into account all of the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your individual situation, you can be confident that both you and your partner will be in optimum health and wellness whilst moving through my fertility protocol.

By delving into the underlying causes of fertility challenges, homeopathy seeks to restore harmony and promote natural conception. Natural fertility options are not only beneficial for your trying-to-conceive outcomes but pre-conception homeopathic treatment can also benefit the health and well-being of your future generations.

With infertility, female reproductive concerns, and declining sperm counts on the rise, many couples are seeking alternative options when trying to conceive. The results that you can expect from homeopathic fertility protocol are rapid. It is common for a woman’s cycle to change within weeks of commencing homeopathic treatment. If the period had previously been too light and a brown murky color, the period will often transition to a healthier bright red decent flow. For women who had a sporadic irregular cycle, this will typically regulate into a 28-ish day cycle. Women who previously had no cervical mucous will often notice a great increase as they approach ovulation along with a boost in sex drive. This shows that estrogen levels are peaking correctly and eggs are almost certainly being released. Some women notice that PMS disappears, premenstrual bloating diminishes or is resolved completely, cramps lessen or disappear. These are all signs that the body is now regulating hormones correctly. 


There are numerous factors which contribute to today’s high rates of infertile couples. One major issue for women is that after years of taking the oral contraceptive pill (OCP), ovulation and the normal changes in hormones that are to be expected, are not resuming. This issue can show up as poor quality cervical mucus, a luteal phase defect, or simply low progesterone among other hormone imbalances. Even lifestyle factors, like a high inflammatory diet and trying to conceive at a later age, are also factors contributing to the increased difficulty in falling and staying pregnant.


Did you know that men account for approximately 40% of all infertility cases? This is something not widely acknowledged, with women often being the first to assume responsibility for difficulties achieving a pregnancy. 

study published in 2017 by researchers from the Hebrew University and Mount Sinai’s medical school found that among nearly 43,000 men from North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, sperm counts per millilitre of semen had declined more than 50 percent from 1973 to 2011. Not only that, “but total sperm counts were down by almost 60 percent. We are producing less semen, and that semen has fewer sperm cells in it” wrote Daniel Noah Halpern. This is having a massive impact! 

Homeopathy has a known history of improving sperm quality when tested over a 4-month duration. The wonderful thing about new sperm being generated every 3 months is that you can have such a positive impact through homeopathy, supplementation, and making healthy lifestyle choices.


As homeopaths, we believe the body has a vital force, which is an innate wisdom that has the role of trying to maintain our good health. You can see how intelligent the body is when you consider this: when you eventually do fall pregnant, your body is going to help create a tiny little baby, with no further conscious effort by you. Your body will assist putting together your baby’s arms, legs, heart and brain, right down to their little eyelashes. Your body is both extremely capable and wise. However, in this modern era you can easily push your body out of its energetic alignment, such as occurs under stress when your body does not prioritize reproduction. Homeopathy is an incredible system of medicine that can help bring the body back into its true alignment, allowing many couples to conceive naturally.


  • Stimulate ovulation and balance hormones
  • Regulate your cycle
  • Addressing hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids and luteal phase defects.
  • Addressing the effects of the oral contraceptive pill, which ‘switches off’ ovulation, suppresses fertility, and contributes to a number of deficiencies, such as Vitamin B9 aka folate and magnesium.
  • Improve cervical mucous production (which is suppressed with the oral contraceptive pill), and is required mid-cycle for the sperm to fertilise the egg
  • Improve sperm count and motility (Studies show homeopathy can improve sperm parameters, such as this study, which Gerhard states that homeopathy can help low sperm counts)
  • Clear genetic predispositions
  • Address stressors, emotional blocks and unresolved trauma
  • Support energy, libido and mood